Slot Machines in Pop Culture

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One of the first things that come to anyone’s mind when someone mentions the word “casino” are probably slots, and to no surprise. Slots have always been the main attraction at any casino, be it land-based or online, simply because they are simple, fun, and quite lucrative with the right dose of luck. That’s why the first thing you’ll see when you enter a casino are slot machines.

But a part of this appeal is also owed to the constant exposure of slots we find in popular media and ads. Slots, just like the roulette wheel, are nearly featured on any casino promotion and are one of the first things movies show when featuring casinos. And movies aren’t the only ones. In fact, anything from famous singers to puzzle games has been associated with slots ever since the early days of pop culture.

Slots and Movies

Can you remember just how many times you’ve seen someone hit a slot jackpot in a popular movie? The answer is probably a lot, isn’t it? From the Griswolds who went home with 4 Dodge Vipers in Vegas Vacation to Max Peterson who took two jackpots in Echelon Conspiracy, movies just can’t get enough of slot wins.

And the relationship doesn’t stop here. Popular movies are one of the most profitable slot themes for any reputed game designer, from IGT to Playtech, Microgaming and NetEnt. Just imagine what the slot world would be without Jurassic Park, Iron Man 3, Aliens, or Ghostbusters. The answer would probably be dull and un-inspiring.

Popular Shows and Games

Hollywood movies aren’t the only thing bitten by the slot bug. There are also a number of cult board games and game shows that have tried to leave their mark on the slot world. IGT’s game designs are the most prominent examples of the bunch, having ported anything from classic games like Monopoly and Cluedo to a complete series of Wheel of Fortune slots.

Even talk shows and popular competitions are no exemption from this rule, as a variety of shows like the Ellen Show or the X-Factor are now a part of online and land-based slot collections.

Celebrities and Slots

But while TV Shows and movies are kind of expected to be associated with casino games, what’s probably less frequent are celebrity endorsements. But as always, when presented with a good money making opportunity it’s hard to say no, right?

The link between celebrities and slot games goes a long way back before online casinos, when land-based slots were plastered with the likes of Elvis or Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. And with the advance of modern gaming technology, there came an age of even more celebrity slots, some of which were approved or invested in by celebrities themselves.

Among the living examples, the most notable one is Shaquille O Neal’s CaddyShaq slot, which borrows the theme from the cult classic Caddyshack but instead uses cartoon versions of Shaquille’s face, rather than Murray’s or Chase’s. Other examples include the Britney Spears and Dolly Parton slots, which can only be found in land based casinos.

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