Slot Machine Etiquette

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Our main goal when we visit either a land-based casino or an online one to play slots is, ultimately, to win as much as possible, preferably a large jackpot, even better if it is a progressive like the one featured on Mega Moolah.

But in addition to winning, we probably want to have a fun and pleasant experience. And if we want to contribute to a pleasant experience for other players and the casino staff and present ourselves as well-behaved and mannered individuals, we also need to follow certain etiquette rules.

Only Sit at a Machine if You’re Playing

If you are at a land-based casino playing slots, and you decide that you want to take a longer break, it is fair to get off the. The chairs are there for the players, and usually there’s one chair per slot machine. If you’re sitting at a chair, but you’re not playing, you’re taking the spot from someone who wants to play.

Indicate if You’re Coming Back

If the break is shorter, say you’re just going to the toilet or the vending machine, it is polite to leave some sort of a sign that you’re coming back, so that other players won’t take your seat. That way, you can avoid quarrels and arguments with someone who has mistakenly taken your seat. You can leave your drink, or a packet of cigarettes on the machine, so that other players will know that you’re coming back.

Don’t Occupy more than One Machine if It’s Crowded

If the casino is not too crowded and there are many free slot machines, you are free to try your luck on more than one game at a time, especially if the machines are close to each other. But, if you notice that there are quite a lot of people and there aren’t that many free slot machines, it is not fair to play on multiple machines, because that way you’re limiting other players who might want to play as well.

Be Considerate if You’re Smoking

It is not rude to smoke if the casino allows smoking in that particular area. However, even smokers don’t like having smoke constantly blown in their face. Make sure to keep the cigarette in your hand at a sufficient distance from the neighbouring player and never turn towards them when you exhale. It’s basic common courtesy.

Be Friendly and Polite

Slot players don’t compete against other players and every player plays for themselves, so typically there aren’t as many fights as there are on the tables. Most common arguments at the slots happen when one player violates another player’s personal space. Don’t be the one who does that. Respect others’ personal space. If someone is invading your space, ask them politely to give you more space.

Online Slots Etiquette

If you’re playing slots online, it means that there’s even less conversation and interaction with others, so there are fewer etiquette rules. However, some casino providers offer chat channels where slot players can talk to each other. The same rule applies here. Be friendly, and never and under any circumstances don’t be rude or mean towards other players. They’re there to have fun and eventually win, just like you. Don’t make things hard on them.

Also, if you have any questions regarding pay-outs, deposits or jackpots and you need to talk to a member of staff, always be polite and correct with them, regardless whether you’re talking over the phone or via the live chat. Those people are just doing their job, remember that.

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