How Virtual Reality Will Change Online Slots

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The casino industry is changing fast, and slots, as the most important online gaming element are not left behind. Just think, how much slot games changed over the years. Firstly, the graphics and graphic effects became more vivid, the games now have a lot more interactive elements.

Remember how simple the first online slots were. The sounds and sound effects are also at a higher level these days. Furthermore, now it is also possible to play slot games on mobile devices, as they’ve become a lot more powerful.

And now we have virtual reality. VR’s application to online gaming has only started a while ago, but it will definitely be a force that will strongly influence the future development of online slots.

More Authentic Experience

Live casino games really added a sense of authenticity to online gaming for fans of table games. No similar thing exits for slots, as of yet. The implementation of VR technology by online slot developers will definitely help them improve the whole gaming experience and make the players feel like they’re in an actual land-based casino. VR will allow them to walk through the virtual space, browse slot machines and even converse and interact with other virtual players.

Social Element

The whole way people see online casino gaming will change. VR headsets now require more powerful computers and it is not possible to do it when you’re outside, because if someone’s looking at you while you’re playing, you might seem weird. But, maybe in the feature developers will manage to develop smartphones that are powerful enough to support VR headsets, and wearing one in public will no longer be frowned upon. The whole experience will become a lot more interactive.

Increased Quality

The games themselves will change a lot as well. Just imagine reels that start spinning when you extend your hand and ‘shake’ them, or wheels that start spinning when you tell them to. All of that will probably become possible in the future. The bonus levels and features will become a lot more interesting. Each new level might take you to a different virtual reality. For many years online slots have not been up to the level of regular video games that are played on PCs or consoles.

Slot games have been based on other video games, like Hitman and Tomb Raider, but they are still far from the quality of video games. The VR technology will allow slot games to become a lot more similar to video games.

A Lot of Opportunities

Some claim that this will make slot games more complicated and that those who prefer simpler and more straightforward slot games, alike the original 3-reel, 1 pay-line games, will not be too happy. But virtual reality technology won’t limit developers in that respect. They’ll still be able to develop classic slots, but they will be able to produce a lot more realistic effects. So, virtual reality will essentially give developers access to an unlimited, endless field of possibility.

VR Technology Will Become more Accessible

In the beginning, VR will remain a pretty expensive pleasure and thus it will remain out of the reach of many gamblers. But, just like most people couldn’t afford mobile phones when they first appeared and now everybody has one, the same will be the case with virtual reality headsets.

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