How to Maximize Winnings in Slots

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There’s a reason why slots are one of the first things you see when you hit a casino. Unlike other skill-based games that take years of practice and customizing strategies, all you need to win on slots is to wager your money and hit the spin button, or alternatively, pull the lever. Or so it seems.

While slots may not be games that depend as much on your actions as Poker and Blackjack variations, what you do while you play slots still has some effect on the outcome on the game and thus your winnings.  To find out more about how and what you can do to maximize your slot wins, just keep reading.

Check the Slot Specs

One of the most logical ways in which you can maximize your returns, but also one that slips from most new players’ minds is to take a look through the rules and symbols of each game. Understanding how your slot pays out and what to keep an eye for is definitely the best way not to get lost among the reels or waste your time hunting for jackpots. You should also check the RTP with the casino you’re playing, as some adjust it worse than others.

Max Bets are Not Always the Best Way to Win

The origin of the max bet belief is deeply rooted in traditional slot machines, especially a number of old mechanical ones where max bets were the only way to hit the jackpot. However, what most modern slot fans fail to understand was that most old 3-reelers were mechanical machines with locked paylines that required of you to make the max bet to unlock them all. Modern slots, on the other hand, work differently.

With modern slots, you can spend more than a single coin per payline, which, for example, makes the maximum bet on a 20 payline slot with up to 5 coins per line a 100 coin bet. However, to trigger a jackpot or make the most of your bonus round you only need each payline, i.e. you really don’t need to bet more than 1 coin per line. You can also stay in the game longer without burning through your cash.

Choose Less Frequented Games

The main spotlight of any online casino is reserved for the latest slot designs, simply because each new game brings a more advanced and immersive gameplay. However, while the lines between gaming and gambling might get blurred in most casinos, they shouldn’t in your head.

Some retro or classic slots have much better payouts, along with better progressive jackpot pools that are less swarmed by players from across the globe than most popular slots. So, keep this in mind the next time you want to play.

Track Jackpots

If you’re on the hunt for progressive jackpots, you can do well by keeping track of the win stats of each jackpot you’ve set your eyes on.  The maximum and average wins can help you spot when a jackpot is unusually high and the average times between jackpots can help you decide approximately when to start playing. And of course, make sure you know how they are triggered before you start spining.

If you’re a Jackpot Hunter, Use Bonuses

Free Spins bonuses are often frowned upon by slot players due to the complex set of terms they come with, like the max winnings limit. However, most casinos don’t put a limit on jackpots, i.e. they give you a better chance to win and clear your bonus terms without spending anything but a minimum deposit.

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