Biggest Online Jackpot Wins in 2016

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The main reason why so many people love slots, apart from them being one of the best examples of flawless casino game design, are the massive jackpots that await those with fortune on their side. Yet, so many people stop playing them as they believe life-changing prizes are just another common fallacy.

If you’re one of those skeptics, you can restore your faith by checking out the following massive jackpot prizes – all won in 2016; all-life changing; most of them won very recently!

#5 Hall of Gods – $7,763,875 

Hall of Gods is a modern NetEnt slot with a Nordic/Scandinavian theme that comes with its own prize pool aptly named the Hall of Gods Jackpot. And true to its name, this slot offers divine prizes that are available in four different sizes: Mega, Major, Midi, and Mini.

The biggest jackpot, the Mega, is triggered when you land 3 mega jackpot symbols in the bonus round, which is exactly what one anonymous player did this October 31st, when s/he landed a jackpot of $7,763,875. This win was the 4th largest Hall of Gods Jackpot and the 12th in the short history of this popular NetEnt game.

#4 Mega Fortune – $7,764,343 

When speaking of NetEnt Jackpots, the first thing that comes to mind for most slot fans is probably the Mega Fortune slot, which was a former Guinness record holder before Microgaming’s Mega Moolah stole the title under its feet. But this isn’t to say the game isn’t rewarding enough, as one anonymous player found out this December.

In what was the best example of holiday miracles, one player triggered the Mega Fortune Mega Jackpot this December 15th, 2016 and landed a massive prize of $7,764,343 on the Mega Fortune slot. The player’s identity remained a secret, but news of his impressive win spread like wildfire.

#3 The Dark Knight – $7.86 Million

The next spot on this list is reserved for Microgaming’s Mega jackpot, which brought one unidentified Australian player an impressive prize of $7.86 million. The Mega jackpot is the hallmark of Microgaming slots as it was what brought the company its Guinness World Record.

But in this case, it was won on Microgaming’s licensed the Dark Knight slot, rather than the popular Mega Moolah. The total prize won was around $AUS 10.42 million, but if you want to repeat the feat you’ll no longer be able to do it on this slot because the Dark Knight was discontinued, due to licensing rights.

#2 Mega Moolah Mobile – $8.82 million

This year brought yet another record for Microgaming when a lucky player only referred to as D.P. won the biggest progressive mobile jackpot playing on the Mega Moolah Mobile, once again stealing the title from NetEnt’s Mega Fortune. Not much was revealed about the win, only that D.P. walked away with $8.82 in cash, which was reportedly won trough a promotion on a 1$ deposit. Talk about luck!

#1 Mega Moolah – $11,633,898

And last but not least, the title of number one slot win in 2016 goes, hands down, to Marcus Goodwin, the fourth huge jackpot winner the Mega Moolah churned out this year. The unbelievably lucky player triggered the jackpot on November 5th, 2016 when he landed one of the biggest progressive wins in the history of online gaming in the total sum of $11,633,898.

In true bewilderment fitting to the occasion, Goodwin was reportedly exhilarated beyond belief and said he plans to spend a part of his fortune on a house, a holiday cottage, and a trip to Africa for his entire family.

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